Words From Our Clients

Alex – West Lakes Shore, SA

From the very first phone call Don was very clear and honest and about all the advice he supplied me. I had questions regarding three phase and single phase systems and three other solar companies could not give me a definitive answer. Upon talking to Don he answered all my questions straight from the start, and upon checking with SA Power networks found out he was right on the money with the advice he gave me.

From the site visit to the install day they were very professional clear and precise. Their workmanship was very neat and tidy, and I would have no trouble in recommending DQ electrical for anybody that requires future solar or electrical work. 

Heidi – Netley, SA

Don has always been very professional, and upfront with what we need. When booking our first job with Don, I got three quotes for the same work. Two other electricians said it would take 2 days and 2 employees to do the work, and neither of them went and checked out the switch board. Don first checked the switchboard and quoted for 1 days work. Don then came in and did the entire job himself, was so clean, fast, efficient and completed the work in under a day – thus we could not be happier with his service.

I appreciate tradesmen that do not treat their clients like idiots, I am not an electrician and have no idea if a job would take 2 days or two hours. 

I would recommend Don to anyone of my family or friends. 

Alex – Burnside, SA

I had my 7.5KW system installed last week and wanted to post about it while I’m still excited and before it just becomes that system on my roof that pays my electricity bills. My system is 7.5KW system from DQ Electrical, it was SMA 10000TL with 30x 250W panels.

The 3 specialists that installed my system were professional (my impressions anyway) and are approachable in terms of explaining what was happening.

Performance wise it (the system) was exceptional; there were overcast days during the week end but on average made 31.5 KWh per day.

I can say that my dealings with DQ Electrical have been excellent. Don was very helpful and had answered questions without pushy sales tactics. System price was excellent for comparable companies. 

Jeff & Barbara – Athelstone, SA

Thanks so much for the work that you did at our home.. you were most respectful and professional at all times, provided us with the information we needed and left our place so clean and tidy … almost didn’t know that you were there! .. can’t tell you how happy Jeff and I were when we saw that meter spinning… backwards!

Thanks so much again… very much appreciated … we’ll send you a framed photo of our next electricity invoice!

Thomas – Modbury, SA

As a client, my expectations of the service I receive from the tradesmen I employ goes beyond exacting. I’m finicky. In my experience there are tradesmen whose service you will seek repeatedly and there are “tradesmen” you will never contact again. In the multiple times Don has worked for me he has added-to or enhanced the power, lighting, security, telephone and data-communications capabilities of my residence. Not only has he met or exceeded my expectations, he’s done so with better humour and more forbearance than I could probably muster in his place. Enough said! 

Peter Martindale – Principal – Adelaide Public Speaking

One issue everyone has when contemplating installing solar panel on one’s roof or accessing any trade for that matter) is whether the right people have been appointed? Will it be a disaster? We also had this dilemma and so we asked around our friends and family.

Subsequently, I approached a couple of providers, but my instinct told me they were not right for us. After all, I don’t like slick salesman who say they are no good with selling or who spend a lot of time telling us they are the best priced firm.

Having spent over 30 years as a self-employed person and in sales, I always resist ‘Mr Cheap’ and that fellow who says he should not be in sales – I agree; he should not!

Consequently, when I asked DQ Electrical to come by, Ben did not talk about the sale and admitted they were not going the cheapest, but he suggested we would be very satisfied – and we were! He also suggested getting a battery and I am grateful he did.

Ben pointed out that our Power Board had a split in it and would not be accepted by SA Power Networks. Surprisingly, no-one else commented on it even though they also looked at our Board. You will therefore appreciate that I now strongly recommend DQ Electrical to this reader.

The whole process of ripping out, installing and making it all work was not without a few challenges, but Mihn and Josh made it as easy as possible. Rather that be impatient with me when I proved my technology skills were close to zero, they quietly and gently took me through the whole process.

For them, it probably took hours longer than they needed, given they were still at our place at 6.00pm without any complaint – top blokes, both of them.

With all that, I would tell potential clients that I am happy to take a call any time on 0418 820 702 or receive an email petermd@internode.on.net so as I can fill in any gaps.

Finally, let me say that often my choices of firms coming to my place have been a disaster, but this time, it was ‘pay-dirt’.