Top Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Systems on Your Rooftop

For many homeowners in Adelaide, opting for solar powered systems might be the best choice. There are lots of solar agencies in South Australia and rooftop solar systems at homes are the best solutions for lowering electricity bills. However, before you set up solar systems on your rooftop, here are some top factors that you need to consider.

The solar panels

Find out whether the solar panels are of a high quality, so that you can get maximum output out of the solar system in your property. It is possible to generate clean electricity with the help of Solar PV panels on the rooftop of businesses and homes, which transform sunlight to usable electricity. The transformation happens in the solar cells. This process does not need any movable component. You need to opt for durable and superior solar panels from an esteemed solar company in Adelaide.

Battery storage

In the last few years, the cost of solar storage batteries has reduced a lot. It has decreased so much that repayment expenses for homeowners have reduced a lot. The Home Battery Scheme of South Australia is also a major incentive, which includes solar system battery storage.


It is essential to find out how much time your solar powered system will last for. The inverter, solar panels and a few components such as isolators and fuses are the main components prone to solar system failure. The Manufacturer’s Warranty is the main warranty for solar panels. You need to find out what exactly the Manufacturer’s Warranty includes, so that the costs do not come as a shock to you.

System size

The rating of your solar system is done as per how many watts it is able to produce on an hourly basis. There are many online tools that you can use for calculating the size of system that you require.

Mounting systems

A mounting system is used to mount solar systems to roofs with the help of different tiles, frames, railings or tin feet. Maximum numbers of mounting systems are composed of aluminum and comprise of stainless steel hardware components. These are designed to have different kinds of solar modules on different types of roofs. When you buy a well-designed and robust mounting system, it can be a great way to safeguard the amount that you make on your solar system, given that these are tougher. The warranty for regular mounting frame happens to be 10 years.


How much electricity your solar system produces is associated directly to how much sunlight is received by your PV panels. Keep in mind that the amount of electricity produced will be less when your solar modules are shade covered.

Optimizer / Inverter solutions

A solar optimizer or inverter transforms the variable DC (direct current) output of a PV (photovoltaic) solar panel into AC (alternating current) of 240V. The electricity may be supplied to your house to power the appliances in your home. Panels and inverters of an inferior quality are unable to work in large numbers under Australian weather conditions and fail in as less time as a couple of years. Solar systems that are durable and can last in the Australian weather need superior inverters. You may contact us if you are planning to get the best solar panels in Adelaide.

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