Advanced Power Storage Solution with Tesla Batteries in Adelaide

Tesla Batteries, officially called Tesla Powerwall, are one of the world’s leading batteries used to store excess Solar Power. We are Tesla energy authorised installers & resellers, which means we can offer customised & advanced Power Storage solutions to you.

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

What is Tesla Powerwall?

This home storage battery is one of the most sophisticated lithium-ion batteries available in the market. It stores excess electricity produced during the day times by home solar systems. You can utilise this stored electricity on very cloudy days or during the night when sunlight is not available.

A Tesla Powerwall is a very efficient and safe way to store excess renewable electricity. It’s very compact, well-designed, looks good & easy to install. It supports your long term goal of being self-sufficient for your electricity needs. DQ offers Tesla and other batteries, so you have plenty of models and budgets to choose from.

Why choose DQ Electrical for a Tesla Powerwall in Adelaide?

DQ Electrical is one of the most trusted & reliable Tesla Battery installers & resellers in Adelaide. We have extensive experience, having started in 2009 delivering quality solar systems. We have established ourselves as a market leader with our passion & dedication to offering highly advanced, quality focused, long lasting & cost-effective solar energy solutions.

We are focused on improving the lifestyle of the residents of Adelaide by helping them adopt solar energy and get their bills lower.

When you choose us, you can expect top-notch services, easy after-sales support & affordable solutions. Every piece of equipment you buy from us undergoes rigorous testing as per industry standards, ensuring you only get the best.

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