Solar System Costs in Adelaide

Adelaide receives a high amount of sunlight throughout the year.

Solar Panel Installations in Adelaide can save a lot of money on electricity bills. More than 35% of homes in Adelaide have already installed a rooftop solar system. So, installing solar panels in Adelaide makes sense.

How much does a solar system cost in Adelaide?

Many factors affect solar system costs in Adelaide, e.g. the output of your system, the exact location of your home & your energy requirements.

Typically, for a standard home, it can cost you anywhere between $5,000 to $8,000. There are many suppliers in Adelaide that might offer lower prices for their solar system. 

But we recommend you to go for quality and select only long-standing local installers as they are more dependable for long term backup & support.

The chart below will give you a rough idea of Solar system starting costs in Adelaide.


3 kW




Avg. Cost


$ 5,750

$ 6,850

$ 10,350

Make sure the solar system you choose ticks all the below boxes.

High-Quality Solar Panels

Inverters with strong warranties

Accredited Solar Company

Inhouse installers – no subcontractors

Reliable after-sales services

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Are there any solar rebates for installing Solar Panels in Adelaide?

Yes! You can take advantage of multiple rebates for installing a roof-top solar system. Let’s take a look.

South-Australian Battery Scheme

You can get a rebate of $150—per kWh by installing an additional battery in your solar system. The upper cap of this rebate is $2000. With these rebates, you can reduce your Solar Battery Installation cost in Adelaide.

Adelaide Feed-In Tariff

The excess electricity that your product goes to the electricity grid. So your electricity provider in Adelaide will give you a decent feed-in tariff for the electricity you don't use. On average, this tariff is around 10cents per kWh.

STC Rebate

The Federal Government can contribute more than $2000 towards your solar system in the form of a rebate to reduce the initial purchase price for a standard size solar system, e.g. 7kW.

In short, installing a solar system in Adelaide is highly cost-effective & beneficial. You can save a lot of money & reduce your Carbon footprint too!

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