Best Solar Power Systems, Adelaide


Slash Your Power Bill, Forever.

As energy bills keep on soaring high, more families now look to solar power as it provides them with a way to save on energy costs and have more money in their pockets.

Why Solar System?

By getting a solar power system installed properly on your home or office roof, you can keep on having access to free electricity for many years. While opting for a PV solar energy system installation can be a major form of investment on your part, it is definitely going to be beneficial for you and also translate into great financial returns for the future.

You are going to benefit from:

  • The affordability of the latest solar power systems that are used these days,
  • You can save on your power bills from the day one. Even though energy usage and electricity bills are increasing with every passing day, it is not going affect you when you use solar panels
  • South Australia has got a sunny climate and you can use it for powering your home and business.
  • You can get federal incentives and rebates when you use solar panels.
  • It is also going to add a lot of value to your property as well as to your conscience.

Here at DQ Electrical, our team specialises in developing cutting edge renewable energy technologies. Our company regularly works with business owners and home owners across Adelaide and help them to handle a major problem in the form of growing electricity bills. This is why they prefer to generate their own energy.

We specialize in designing, installing and supplying a fully custom photovoltaic (PV) system that is set according to your individual needs and specifications. At the time of the initial consultations, we are going to offer you numerous solar power system configurations and options, based on the layout of your property and your needs. Our team of solar technicians are CEC accredited and qualified to manage all kinds of solar energy installation needs.

So get in touch with us to arrange for a free measure today and get a quote from us. You can then determine if solar power systems are for you. See our solar power system work in action.

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