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How we can help you with solar system repairs in Adelaide

If you have noticed an issue with your solar panels, contact DQ Electrical and Solar. We will book a date and inform you of the inspection/call-out fee.

On the day we will inspect the solar system and identify the fault. We will then discuss with you the path forward. 

In case of the need for spare parts not covered by warranties, we will give you a repair cost estimate before we proceed.

Sometimes, in the case of older systems, small capacity PV systems or extremely poor-quality component systems (cheap solar), the repair is not economically viable, and in this instance, a system replacement might be recommended.  

By having DQ inspect your roof top solar system, problems can be identified and corrected before they become a hazard.

So contact us at DQ to take care of your Renewable Energy System, for maintenance and repair.

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Cleaning Solar Panels

Cleaning or inspecting solar panels is really a job for the professionals because of the system’s complexity, and the potential danger involved in roof work.

Our specialist teams prefer partly cloudy days, especially for cleaning work, because the cleaning water evaporates quickly and can stain the panels in sunny weather.

To begin, they use a soft brush to remove the dust that has accumulated on the panels.

The professional then will gently clean the panels with clean water and a sponge in circular motions, avoiding pressure on the panel, which in extreme cases could lead to micro-cracks in the panel cells.

DQ staff when cleaning panels will always avoid using harsh detergents, chemicals, or abrasive materials like steel wool because they can leave scratches and reduce the system’s efficiency.

Then professionals clean the panel with a dry, soft cloth to ensure that no minerals settle and cause damage to the panels.

Finally, once the unit is completely dry, they turn the solar panel system back on.

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Long term solar system health via output monitoring

Many problems with solar panel effectiveness are related to power generation, which is why DQ Electrical and Solar suggests monitoring the output of your system.

If your electricity consumption has remained unchanged and you find yourself purchasing more electricity from the grid, we recommend you schedule a maintenance inspection to determine what is causing the decreased performance.

Solar inverters usually also have monitor options, so it will be worthwhile to compare annual outputs in kWh of electricity generated, to see if there is a marked reduction year by year.

A decrease in output from your solar system

This could be due to vegetation growth near the solar system throwing shadows over the panels in the early or late hours of the day.

Another reason for decreased solar system performance could be a faster degradation of the panels than manufacturer specifications or delamination of solar panels.

A flashing inverter light

Could indicate inverter issues, meaning the whole system is down, so you lose valuable renewable electricity generation.

Sometimes customers ask DQ for a system check after they got an unusually high electricity bill only to realise their solar power system has been down for more than a few months.

One golden rule about solar system maintenance

Get a solid and reliable monitor solution and check it regularly.

There are also safety devices such as fuses, which are exposed to wind, rain, and hot sunlight all day. They can be subject to deterioration and failure.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your solar panel system operates safely, correctly, and efficiently.

Read our blog for more solar monitoring information.

Solar Energy System Care

With a solar energy system being an investment, it pays to care for it. Keeping it well-maintained is pivotal to its performance – and your ROI.

Hire a specialist solar DQ electrician to professionally clean the system and make sure all the parts are working in sync, through our testing procedure. This service is designed to maximise the lifespan of your PV system, as well as level of energy output generated to reduce your power bill even more, now.

Our solar maintenance service includes:

  • Professional cleaning – removal of dirt, dust and residue
  • System inspections
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Ongoing and scheduled maintenance
  • Efficiency testing, and reporting
  • Repairs and parts replacement.

Book your inspection, system test and clean today. Even if it was installed by other vendors, we’re happy to take over the maintenance for optimal operation.

Looking for solar system repairs Adelaide?

At DQ Solar System Repairs Adelaide, we provide repair and maintenance of solar-powered energy systems for both commercial and domestic clients throughout Adelaide.

Whether you′ve had inadequate equipment installed or your current system has taken a battering over the winter, we guarantee to improve the performance of your existing units. From basic repairs and cleaning to refurbishments and full restorations, we′ll visit the site, assess the problem, and give you an honest price for the necessary work.

Solar System Repairs? Solar Inverter Repairs?

Has your solar power inverter stopped working?

When it comes to repairing/replacing faulty or failed inverters DQ solar inverter repairs Adelaide specialists are always there for you.

Solar systems are generally very reliable as there are so few moving parts. The solar inverter is the hardest working part of the solar system and is full of electronics so, therefore, the most likely to fail.

DQ solar provides solar inverter repairs services and can repair or replace solar inverters with a minimum of fuss. Newer inverters often come with long warranties to give you peace of mind.

You can trust our inverter repair services as we pride ourselves as an industry-leading solar provider with a team of experts who are Experienced, Trustworthy, and always believe in Repair not replace.

We are only a phone call away to get you back into solar savings

Book your solar system cleaning, maintenance, PV performance check with DQ Electrical and Solar. After many thousand inspections and repairs our experience staff will be able to pinpoint the issues fast and will be able to suggest affordable and speedy solutions.

Solar Panel Repairs & Service FAQS

Quality and reliable manufacturers of solar panels and inverters offer a variety of warranties that ensure you will have support and coverage in the event of an issue.

Issues could include corrosion through water ingress in panels or burned solder in an inverter.

Power output warranties for panels guarantee that panel performance will not fall below a certain level during the warranty period (usually 25 years).

For example, a manufacturer may offer a warranty that guarantees peak power output will not fall below 85 percent for the next 25 years.

Usually, if the issue with your solar system is covered by the warranty, then there is no out-of-pocket repair cost for the customer.

Nevertheless, sometimes repairs are in a grey area, or the manufacturer of the equipment has left Australia.

In these instances, a call-out and repair fee will apply. 

By having DQ inspect your roof top system, problems can be identified and corrected before they become a hazard.

One of the jobs we undertake as part of a maintenance check is panel cleaning.

There are many articles on the web about the greatest way to clean solar panels yourself, but the truth is that the best solar panel cleaning is always done by a professional.

Why risk falling off a ladder or roof?

Only if your roof is flat and easily accessible is it worthwhile for a homeowner to consider the cleaning of panels themselves. Here is a good little helpful hint section on this process.

People may be unaware of the extent to which panels should be cleaned in order to function at peak efficiency.

A dirty panel can easily lose 5% to 20% of production and therefore theoretically can lose you a few hundred dollars per year in solar savings.

To protect solar cells, most solar panel systems employ a glass coating. Dirt and dust from the air settle on the protective glass panels, gradually reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the solar cells.

The ability of the system to generate electricity is maximised by keeping the glass panel faces clean. If a solar panel is not cleaned on a regular basis, it will cost you money.

This means that booking a solar maintenance and safety check with a panel cleaning regime added to the service will allow your PV system to be more reliable and generate more electricity.

Rain will wash away the majority of the filth from the panels, but only if they are angled.

When your panels are laid flat, water can collect and have nowhere to go. It eventually evaporates, leaving grime behind.

Worse, things like leaves and other debris can land on solar panels and simply stay there, negatively impacting performance.

Even on angled solar panels, strong rain is not always sufficient on its own to clean the panels.

Although the surface of your panel may appear clean after a storm, rainfall can leave behind residue on your panels that is not immediately visible.

This is due to the fact that there is often a small amount of dirt and even oily residue in the rainwater, along with other particles.

A thin layer of film may not seem like a big deal, but if you let it build up for a while, it can significantly reduce the efficiency of your solar panels.

To avoid the build-up of dust which is more common on flat panels, solar panels ideally should be installed on flat roofs in frames that lean at least 10 degrees.

Sometimes to increase system sizes on tight roofs or save on solar system installation costs, the modules are installed flat, especially on commercial systems.

If this is the case, then one needs to allow for a regular cleaning regime, as part of the maintenance, in order to maintain the solar system’s effectiveness.

Contact DQ to inspect your roof top solar system

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When you buy a solar system or battery in Adelaide from DQ Electrical and Solar you have locked in decades of ongoing support and expertise.

In our many genuine 5 star Google Reviews many customers congratulated us on our focus on attention to detail and the excellent friendly customer service and support.

When your solar system has stopped working, you want to know quickly “How long will I be without solar? What is wrong with my system? Can it be repaired? Is it worth fixing? How much to get the system going again?

Our friendly service and maintenance staff will be able to answer these questions fast and professional. Contact us today for a repair of maintenance booking.

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