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Should your business consider a Commercial Solar Panel System in Adelaide?

Energy costs over the last decades have been one of the higher input costs for running a business.

In the last 10 years, these costs have more than doubled, and many businesses are looking for opportunities to reduce their electricity bills.

A commercial rooftop solar system is one of the opportunities to make a significant dent into future electricity expenditure.

Because of the federal government’s solar system support, the payback on a commercial rooftop solar system can be as little as 3 years for a quality focused system. 

There are also many ways available to finance a solar system, from power-purchase agreements (PPA) to loan arrangements or cash payments.

DQ can help you to determine the right system-size and explain the various finance options so that you can find the best solution. 

Should your business consider a Commercial Solar Panel System in Adelaide?

Key reasons why you should choose DQ Electrical & Solar to install a Commercial Solar Power System at your business.

At DQ Electrical and Solar, we provide prompt, professional services for all

Our team of well trained commercial solar installation staff will deliver top quality solutions

Here at DQ, our solar specialists will custom design the ideal commercial solar systems to meet the needs of your business. 

We are well qualified in all aspects of health and safety, including working at heights and, the safety and wellbeing of our in-house staff is our key priority. 

During the installation process we will ensure that all relevant site specific safety aspects are being considered to create a peace of mind installation.

Before, and during installation we will clearly communicate with you the various stages, and make sure that we stay within timelines and budgets.  

After the installation has been completed, we will spend time with your relevant staff to undertake a system handover where our team will provide all necessary paperwork to your energy retailer.

In some commercial installations a metre or switchboard upgrade will form part of the work, and due to our electrical installation heritage DQ electrical and solar can undertake all of these works for you.

Finally, our skilled technical team, as well as our in-house solar technicians and installers, will provide you with reliable after sales support to minimise system failures and maximise your return.

DQ Electrical Well Trained Staff
DQ Electrical & Solar Adelaide 5 Star Google Review Rating

5-star service to all our customers

Sometimes even the best quality commercial solar system will face an outage, this could be because of a nearby lightning strike or vermin attacking cables etc.

It is important to get good after sale service, not just a top installation quality.

At DQ Electrical and Solar we aim to build trust and good relationships with all our commercial solar customers.

We do this by making sure we are always responsive and understanding, both during installation and later during the service and maintenance period.

As commercial solar systems will last for decades the ongoing maintenance of these systems is very important.

We aim to address your concerns and complete your installs efficiently and effectively without an issue, committing to provide customised energy solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our satisfied customers have given us many reviews, both for residential and commercial installations as well as ongoing system support and these reviews.

Quality Control & Understanding

When you compare solar panel systems, you will notice that some are significantly less expensive than others.

However, there is a significant difference between these less expensive systems and high-quality, long-lasting solar. 

This is why we pride ourselves on making sure that when installing commercial solar systems we only use the highest quality panels, making sure that our customers are satisfied throughout the whole installation process.

In a commercial system, even more than for residential systems it is important to choose quality solar panels and inverters, as the reliability and dependability of the commercial solar system is even more important than on a small residential system.

If cheap panels or lower quality inverters fail, if panel manufacturers go out of business or if the panel performs poorly, the commercial solar system owner is losing out. 

Contact DQ to find out how to gain a quality commercial system.

DQ Electrical & Solar Commercial Quality Control & Understanding
DQ Electrical Services for commercial projects in Adelaide

Electrical Services for commercial projects

DQ also specialises in offering high quality, professional commercial electrical services in Adelaide and surrounds.

Our skilled electricians have years of expertise working in a variety of commercial businesses and can supply, install, repair and maintain the electrical assets in your business. 

Our highly qualified in-house staff have daily practice in a wide variety of electrical works, from rewiring new buildings to lighting fit-out and installation of a commercial EV charging network. 

While sub-contractors can assist in boosting manpower quickly, sometimes the quality of the work can vary. DQ only uses our in-house teams where we have total control over the quality of the work. 

We are always pleased to service new customers from all across the wider Adelaide region, whether it’s a brand-new build, a renovation project or simply a maintenance and repair call out, DQ will be there to provide an excellent service.

We are fully licensed and insured to handle any job large or small and our decade of experience will ensure that any electrical issues with your commercial property will be handled professionally. Call us today to talk to our friendly team.

The DQ quality focus guarantees a long-lasting commercial solar solution

What are the top 5 benefits of commercial solar?

Save on your electricity bills

Generate your own clean energy and reduce your electricity bills by upto 80% for years to come.

Invest in your business premises

By adding a quality, long-lasting solar system onto your commercial premises and reducing the running costs, you will increase the value of your property.

Government rebates available now

Commercial solar systems smaller than 100kw can get immediate federal government support. A 100kw system in Adelaide can attract up to $40,000 in STC rebates.

Short ROI on commercial solar systems

Due to the high electricity prices in South Australia, specifically Adelaide, the payback period on a commercial solar system can be as low as three years which means that for the remaining decades you will earn significant returns.

Environmental leadership

By producing renewable energy, your business will be seen as forward thinking and you are taking a role in reducing carbon emissions which is one of the key challenges of our times. Your customers will also see you as an environmentally responsible company.

Commercial Solar FAQs

DQ specialises in designing tailor-made commercial solar systems to match the individual businesses energy demands.

We achieve this by studying your past energy consumption and create calculations that take into account future solar system generation to ensure that we design the optimal system size and ROI solution. 

While a top quality solar system might cost a little more upfront, it usually delivers more energy generation each day for many years, such as quality focused approach overtime will result in less interruptions to power generation and eventually a better financial and environmental result. 

We have seen on many roofs that cheaper solar systems, using panels of lower wattage and output will also generate less electricity and therefore lower savings year after year. 

Better quality components will also add long-term value to your property and having a local and service-focused company install the system in the first place will guarantee that should there be an issue, you will see your commercial solar system return to performance within a relatively short period.

Many of the cheaper installation companies have come and gone in as little as three years, while DQ Electrical and Solar has stayed strong and we have been in operation since 2009.

We have a variety of solar panel systems to fit your budget. All the panels we recommend are built for long-term performance and efficiency.

We work with the most reputable solar panel manufacturers in Australia like LG Electronics, with your specific system designed for Adelaide’s hot and dusty climate. 

High performing and reliable products (panels, inverter solutions, and racking) as well as premium installation which will ensure a solid financial outcome over time. 

Local representation is an important consideration when choosing a product, as long term warranty support depends on the manufacturer’s long term commitment to Australia as well as the overall financial strength of the manufacturer.

Since 2011, over 450 manufacturers of solar panels have arrived and left Australia, creating a high number of local solar panels on roofs without any meaningful warranty.

The Australian market offers a wide range of commercial inverter and panel solutions and DQ Electrical and Solar, in consultation with you, will make recommendations as to the ideal solution to service your needs, ensuring a solid return on your investment.

After the commercial solar system installation is completed, we will go through a detailed system handover process, where we troubleshoot the most common issues with you.

It is good to know that DQ Electrical and Solar is only a phone call away from any technical questions or as issues might arise. 

In order to make sure your commercial solar system keeps on performing and returning solid savings, the system needs to be maintained like any other electrical infrastructure.

Otherwise your system’s performance might decrease overtime and you are not even aware of it. 

We supply you with an operations and maintenance manual which will contain a schedule for regular maintenance including visual inspections, testing as well as panel cleaning.

When solar panels are clean they can convert more light into electricity and especially commercial solar panels which are often installed at low angles will benefit from regular cleaning. 

Dusty environments, leaves and bird droppings can diminish the performance of solar panels and for this reason it is also important to monitor system performance.

Inverters can also benefit from regular maintenance, for example, the cooling elements or cooling fans can accumulate with dirt which can diminish the cooling capacity, which can lead to power derating and over time a lower lifespan. 

For all these reasons, call DQ every 2-3 years for a commercial solar maintenance check.

Go Quality Solar

Why did a solar skeptic invest in a premium solar power system

“- Today we’re installing the solar system up in Teringie. Rocco come to us a couple a years ago. He gave us a budget to work with. And he was a bit of a solar skeptic.

– I was a little bit skeptical because I wasn’t confident that the information that was being supplied to me really satisfied some real questions that I had. But as time progressed, and the more people I spoke to, I became more confident, and I took the leap and put in the first solar system that I have.

– Following on from stage one, Rocco wants to maximize the amount that we can get on the property now. Because there are some limits as to how big we can go in terms of sizing. He thought it was very important now to get the most efficient panel he could, ’cause we are maximizing right up there on the 30 kilowatts now, installed on this property.

– The initial system was a 10 kilowatt system. The one that we’re currently installing is an LG solar panel system, and it’s a 17.6 kilowatt system. An additional 17.6 kilowatts. I decided on LG because after investigating the panels, and also having a look at the panels that I had, I felt that LG offered a better panel. It produced more wattage per panel. It also offered a much better warranty.

– And I think it was a more reliable warranty, rather than, you know, there’s some question marks on some of the warranties that are out in the marketplace. But at the end of the day, I think you’ve, what you’ve got to take into consideration is the product that you end up with. I mean, there’s a lot of cheap products out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll give you the end result that you need.

– Yeah, he’s a very happy customer. I think we really proved to him with stage one how much of an impact solar can make on his energy usage. And he’s very much a believer now, these days.

– [Rocco] I’m happy with what I’ve put in, and I’m happy with the people that I’ve chosen because they offer a good service.”

For reliable, quality, commercial solar installations at a fair price go DQ Electrical & Solar

Hear what our customers say about us:

In our many genuine 5 star Google Reviews many customers congratulated us on our focus on attention to detail and the excellent friendly customer service and support.

Luan Phung
Luan Phung
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Highly recommended due to the fact they are very friendly, responsiveness, great quotes and can accommodate any unforeseen circumstances with professionalism. Happy with service. Thankyou
Sev Nagalingam
Sev Nagalingam
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Don and his team did a good job. Don assisted me in selecting various options and patiently shown various calculations for various profiles of placement of the solar panels as well to select the best combination for our needs.
Allan Anchor
Allan Anchor
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Great Customer service and product. Purchased a solar system with Battery. Brian from DQ presented facts, truth and honesty regarding their product and pricing. I found the Solar market very difficult to negotiate with cheap or over priced systems available. DQ electrical gave me much confidence. It took me 6 months to make a decision and Brian was always available and courteous towards my question and eventually won my business.
Jeff Hywood
Jeff Hywood
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We had a 6.6kw solar system fitted to our house in mid January and DQ Electrical were fantastic very prompt, competitive pricing, turned up on time, we did have some minor problems with our address with the power networks but swiftly remedied by DQ. Very happy with the whole customer service.
Samantha Fowler
Samantha Fowler
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Very helpful team. Received our first bill since installing solar in Oct. A credit on the account 😊👍🏻 DQ made the whole experience hassle-free.
Karen P
Karen P
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By far the best quote I received for moving an old 1950's meter box outside and hands down the nicest, cleanest tradesmen I have ever dealt with. Such a professional job and everything was cleaned up afterwards and finished to the highest standards. I would highly recommend this company to anyone and will be using them for all my electrical needs in the future.

We are committed to providing personalised consultation to all clients and tailor-made products and services. This ensures the most efficient and effective solutions are provided for all properties, both residential and commercial. Why not contact us to see what old-fashioned friendly service looks like.

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