Should green energy really be a focus for businesses?

green energy for business

There are several issues facing the industry in 2021, including the continuing effects of COVID-19. But should the use of clean energy options such as solar really be a priority right now? The quick answer to that is YES. Transition to solar power is not a problem at all; in fact, it may be the solution to many of your current problems. Here’s the reason.

Electricity use is a big cost to companies

Mounting energy bills in Australia is a massive strain on companies of all sizes. For smaller businesses, the cost of maintaining the lights on is one of the greatest costs and it is just becoming more and more costly to connect to the mains power grid. Larger companies often feel the pinch, in particular factory and processing activities that run clockwise machines and office and retail operations that involve lighting, computers, and more.

Since 2003, energy prices have risen by around 60%, which is why more are turning to solar power to eliminate these costs. Even a small 5kW device will save you about $500 off your quarterly bills, so it makes economic sense to turn to solar.

Those with more panel capacity will push their bill down even more, even being completely self-sustaining through the use of battery storage systems.

Consumers focus on helping Environmentally Responsible Companies

Research has shown that nearly 90% of customers want companies and firms to prove that they are making attempts to be sustainable. You could be frustrating to the rest of the target audience if you’re not involved in environmentally conscious efforts.

A study in Australia has found that 85 percent of customers want their industries and corporations to be more open in their greener activities, whereas 90 percent are more likely to buy responsible and sustainable goods.

No matter what kind of company you are, solar panels on your roof are an easy and efficient flag to convince customers that you are making a difference. In the meantime, you should integrate environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging and turn your marketing strategies around your ‘greener’ touch.

Make use of offers and discounts

You will get various State and Federal Government rebates and incentives from suppliers of solar panels in Adelaide to minimize the cost of installing solar at your premises, in certain cases, you can get them done free of charge. For instance, solar installation in Melbourne is supported by a multitude of benefits provided by the state government.

On top of that, there is the Instant Asset Write-Off policy that can be used to pay for solar company and get it returned to you at tax time. Explore these possibilities; find the most reliable and inexpensive installation firm in your city, and you will be ready to experience cheaper bills and a thriving customer base.

So, get a quick solar quote from DQ Electrical right away if you are planning on switching to a much sustainable way of running your business.

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