How to Monitor the Performance of Your Home Solar System?

So you have decided to go solar, and finally opted for solar powered systems to run your home. You might be wondering whether the solar panels in your home are acting as promoted. Superior home solar systems are very dependable, and needs to offer hassle-free performance. These are some important things that can ensure proper functioning of the solar panels in your Adelaide home, and help you to save maximum amount of money.

Check your solar meter

The output of your system is monitored by your solar meter. This data is shared with your solar agency. Your meter will typically cycle through various screens. You need to be specifically attentive to the meter that shows the entire kilowatt per hour energy that is being generated by your solar panels. There is no need for you to be concerned about your solar meter, in case there is a rise in your kilowatt-hours.

Evaluate the weather

Solar panels function on rainy and cloudy days, and the output is much lower than what it is on bright and sunny days. On those days that the sky is overcast, the solar panels in your house will possibly work at 10 – 25% of the capacity that they are rated for. However, you should not get fixated only with this. All that matters is the amount of sunlight that is received by your home all round the year. It is common on rainy days or when the sky is overcast. On an average, however, these things have little or no impact on how much you get back on your investment.

Check your bill

When you opt for solar powered systems, these can reduce your electric bill by a great measure or to the maximum possible extent. This means that you have to pay less money to your electric agency and get credited for the surplus energy that is being produced in your house. If that is not the case, it is likely that the solar panels in your home are not working in a proper way.

Evaluate your inverter

The inverter happens to be the core of the solar system in your home. Some of these function much better as compared to others. Due to such variations, the output of your whole system can be affected and it is possible for you to make savings. How efficient the solar panels of your home are actually depends on various factors, such as:

  • Whether the panel screen remains off or on
  • Whether the panels are connected to DC (Direct Current) optimizers, micro-inverters or regular inverter

If the indicator lights are orange or red in color, it indicates that there are some issues in your home solar system.

Get in touch with your solar company

It is a good idea to have a discussion with your solar company, when it comes to the performance of the solar system of your home. You can talk about monitoring of home solar system, such as supervising battery storage and other important matters. You may call us if you are planning to get the best solar systems in Adelaide.

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