Essential Reasons to get your Solar Panels Professionally Cleaned

solar panels cleaning
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In most of the cases, the performance of solar plants might get compromised depending how dirty it is. Dirty parts of the panel also get hotter faster than other parts, which creates hotspots. These hotspots can increase the rate at which solar panels deteriorate.

Ideally, for the solar panels to function optimally, you have to get it cleaned professionally by the popular solar company as advised by the experts. This will not only help protect it but maintain your investment as well.

Get rid of the poop

By the positioning of the solar installation, the solar panels are exposed to the risk of bird droppings. This will decrease the amount of light reaching the solar cells, thus diminishing the overall output of energy generation. According to the experts, the build-up of these droppings will adversely affect the panel’s ability to meet projected performance.

Prevent buildup of dust

Some of the common natural elements like dust and dirt will cloud the surface of a solar panel, decreasing its optimum performance. If solar panels are not cleaned regularly, they will not operate at the performance level you projected, thus negatively impacting your financial returns and energy savings.

Benefit from your warranty

You can find one of the manufacturers of solar panels in Adelaide, who have made solar panel cleaning a condition of their warranty. Therefore, if something goes wrong with your panels and you have the proof of a regular maintenance and cleaning plan in place, hence, the damage to your panels will be covered by the warranty you bought.

Improve the energy efficiency

The increase in efficiency of solar panels that are cleaned regularly speaks for itself. According to experts, the sizable increases in the solar efficiency of sites, for instance, go up by 10 – 30% when they are maintained properly through the use of regular cleaning services. If you want your panels to work and last as long as possible, take care of them and keep them clean.

Don’t depend on rain

Solar panels are exposed to natural elements, creating a decrease in efficiency due to the loss of light caused by dirt & dust. To maximize efficiency of your panels, you can’t rely on rain alone. Even if it rained, the grime on the panels would accumulate and create a patchy texture, reducing its ability to function properly. Rain itself contains airborne dust particles that attach to the surface of the screen once the water evaporates. Therefore, it is essential to get it cleaned by professionals for better function and return on investment.

To ensure that the solar panels of the client are performing optimally, we at DQ Electrical offer plethora of amenities that you can choose from. With live in-house monitoring systems, we offer monthly reporting, monthly cleaning, rapid response and regular site inspections as well.

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