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A switchboard - the heart of your electrical systems

The switchboard is the most crucial and important component of any working electrical structure because it distributes electricity throughout your home or office. Because your switchboard is such an important component, you can estimate the level of trouble you might face if something goes wrong with it. 

A faulty switchboard necessitates immediate attention from qualified professionals. When it comes to switchboard electrical services in Adelaide, DQ is the team to call. Many homes and businesses ignore the need for switchboard upgrades. After more than a decade in action, a switchboard should get a check-up, to see if the circuits are adequate for the load of the premises. 

Also circuit breakers have seen major developments and safety improvements in the past decades, and should be upgraded from time to time.

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Check-Ups and Repairs

Your switchboard panel contains circuit breakers or fuses and is distributing electricity throughout your premises. If there is a problem with power in certain areas, the switchboard may need to be repaired. 

Our electricians are skilled in all aspects of switchboard electrical fault finding and repair, so you will get the right assistance.

Electrical Safety Device Installations

Current regulations necessitate the installation of a safety switch in your home as part of the meter board to protect your family and employees. These are not present on older switchboards.

We can incorporate these into your switchboard for your safety and peace of mind.

Switchboard Upgrades

Rising power consumption regularly prompts families to increase their existing circuit board capacity or upgrade completely to meet increased demand. Older switchboards were not designed to handle modern levels of power consumption, such as those required by air conditioners, air fryers and other modern electrical appliances. 

When you upgrade the switchboard, you reduce the chances of a short circuit, which could result in an electrical failure creating a fire hazard. We can also upgrade your switchboard from old porcelain fuses to modern, safe circuit breakers with fast-reacting safety switches.

Please feel free to contact us at DQ Electrical & Solar as soon as you notice a problem with the switchboard. We can help you with any such issue promptly.

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