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It’s always a good idea to keep one of our fully qualified and registered electricians on call. Our staff will arrive neatly dressed and clean up after themselves. Our local Adelaide in-house staff are courteous, dependable, and trustworthy. DQ also provides ongoing training to meet our Quality Service Guarantee.

Our staff are familiar with the most recent electrical codes, standards and they practice these standards in their daily work. This way, when we update your switchboard, we will know exactly which safety switches are needed and attend to the small details, to make sure the job meets your expectations and the Australian Standards.

Rewiring your home with DQ Electrical will be a long-lasting and professional job.

At DQ Electrical and Solar, we provide prompt, professional services for all

Where we can help

We’ve built strong relationships with our clients and gained regular recommendations from existing customers to their friends and family. Our electricians are well qualified and trained to handle any home and commercial related electrical works. Our most popular repairs in homes involve the connecting of electrical hot water systems, installing electrical stoves, undertaking electrical wiring and replacing old fuses, faulty circuit breakers and electrical meters.

All work performed by our licenced electricians is guaranteed and protected by our DQ workmanship warranty and insurance. As a result, if an electrician is required to re-visit under the workmanship warranty, you will incur no additional costs.

General Electrical Services DQ supplies:

DQ Electrical specialises in all basic upkeep and emergency electrical services, whether it is a problem with the lights, power points, cabling or the switchboard. The safety of a home is an important consideration and in the past years the installation of AC powered smoke alarms has become more and more popular.

Electrical Rewiring Work

Need an electrician to rewire a home in Adelaide?  With electrical wiring hidden away in the roof, walls, or under the floor, it can be difficult to know the state of your home’s electrical wiring. Old wiring deteriorates over time and can pose a hazard to your family. Poor wiring can also cause costly electrical appliances to fail over time.


When we inspect the situation of wiring in homes, we frequently come across instances of ‘poor effort’, in which a previous electrician ignored or neglected to replace deteriorated wiring in difficult-to-replace locations at some point in the past. So, If you’re looking for an electrician to rewire a complete home in Adelaide DQ Electrical and Solar can help.

We will install new light switches and power points as well as replace all the old wiring as part of a complete rewiring job for any home in Adelaide.  

The DQ quality focus guarantees quality electrical services

Electrical FAQs

We take pride in the fact that our rewiring work is thorough and complete, leaving no potentially hazardous wiring behind. We would like our customers to have peace of mind knowing that their home’s electrical systems are completely safe and follow the Australian Standards.

Furthermore, many older-style homes use outmoded cables and wiring, which can cause power disruptions such as shortages and overloads. Depending on the age of the home, your wiring may not meet current Australian Standards, which can have an impact on home insurance policies.

Electrical rewiring can breathe new life into your home by allowing you to add more appliances and technology, making your life easier and more personalised. Naturally, it also makes your home safer, which is a key consideration for us.

For both new and pre-existing structures, we can upgrade the existing wiring as well as add additional wiring to accommodate additional power points, lighting, and electrical appliances.

All our repair wiring services are of the highest quality, and we only use top of the line equipment, from brands such as Clipsal, Schneider or Legrand to give you a quality, long-lasting result.  

Wire degradation can quickly become a major issue. Your wires will deteriorate over time and may become risky if they heat up or short circuit.  Many older homes have wiring that is 20, 30 or even 50 years old. In such cases, a safety inspection should at least be undertaken to see what is the likely remaining lifespan of the existing electrical infrastructure. With such old wiring, your home can be exposed to fire risk as well as the dangers of electric shock.  In many cases old wiring was not made to fulfil today’s electronic power demands in the home.

Rewiring your household does not always increase its value. Nevertheless, recognising that the electrics are fully updated and secure makes it more appealing to prospective buyers and much safer for your family. There is no value to put on such peace of mind.

For reliable, quality electrical services at a fair price go DQ Electrical & Solar

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In our many genuine 5 star Google Reviews many customers congratulated us on our focus on attention to detail and the excellent friendly customer service and support.

Luan Phung
Luan Phung
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Highly recommended due to the fact they are very friendly, responsiveness, great quotes and can accommodate any unforeseen circumstances with professionalism. Happy with service. Thankyou
Sev Nagalingam
Sev Nagalingam
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Don and his team did a good job. Don assisted me in selecting various options and patiently shown various calculations for various profiles of placement of the solar panels as well to select the best combination for our needs.
Allan Anchor
Allan Anchor
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Great Customer service and product. Purchased a solar system with Battery. Brian from DQ presented facts, truth and honesty regarding their product and pricing. I found the Solar market very difficult to negotiate with cheap or over priced systems available. DQ electrical gave me much confidence. It took me 6 months to make a decision and Brian was always available and courteous towards my question and eventually won my business.
Jeff Hywood
Jeff Hywood
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We had a 6.6kw solar system fitted to our house in mid January and DQ Electrical were fantastic very prompt, competitive pricing, turned up on time, we did have some minor problems with our address with the power networks but swiftly remedied by DQ. Very happy with the whole customer service.
Samantha Fowler
Samantha Fowler
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Very helpful team. Received our first bill since installing solar in Oct. A credit on the account 😊👍🏻 DQ made the whole experience hassle-free.
Karen P
Karen P
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By far the best quote I received for moving an old 1950's meter box outside and hands down the nicest, cleanest tradesmen I have ever dealt with. Such a professional job and everything was cleaned up afterwards and finished to the highest standards. I would highly recommend this company to anyone and will be using them for all my electrical needs in the future.

We are committed to providing personalised consultation to all clients and tailor-made products and services. This ensures the most efficient and effective solutions are provided for all properties, both residential and commercial. Why not contact us to see what old-fashioned friendly service looks like.

DQ, Adelaide's leading electrical company, is highly accredited by many industry leading brands and government agencies.

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