Lighting solutions for all occasions

DQ Electrical and Solar has been installing a wide range of lighting for a decade. We have excellent relationships with key suppliers and can offer a range of lighting solutions. 

For example LED lights are highly energy efficient and ideal for use in just about any space of your home or business. In comparison to conventional lights, LED lights produce a bright arctic white light (with similar light tones to incandescent lights) at incredibly low voltage levels and therefore save on your electricity bills. 

They also generate very little heat – again, reducing energy consumption and potential climate control. Overall, they are a safer, more environmentally friendly and more cost effective long-term lighting solution for you!

LED Lighting Upgrade in Adelaide

Currently, there is no greater technology that can beat the outstanding performance of LED Lighting. It’s the most energy-efficient technology available and the only technology where a change over from older technologies such as halogen will dramatically reduce your commercial and residential premises’ energy consumption.

DQ’s lighting upgrade work has been implemented in the wider Adelaide region on many commercial premises resulting in significant lower electricity bills for our clients and less long term lighting maintenance, due to the new LED Lighting.

DQ Electrical can supply and install a variety of LED lights upgrade for your home or business. We offer Adelaide LED lighting solutions in various forms and applications, such as: 

  • Home indoor LED lighting
  • LED downlights
  • LED globes
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Panel LED lights
  • Fluoro LED replacements
  • Strip LED lighting, and  
  • Outdoor LED lighting

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Sensor Light Installations

Sensor lights are well worth the installation and maintenance costs. Security lighting, as the name implies, is a lighting system that aids in the safety of a property by illuminating all outdoor areas. These lights are fitted in strategic locations of your land and will focus on entryways, escape routes, and potential entry points. Because these systems provide numerous advantages, we recommend them to both commercial and residential clients.

Fixed Outdoor Lighting

You’d be surprised at how many South Australians enjoy spending time in their backyards, for many parts of the year. Having lighting installed in your home’s exterior will provide convenience, not only during the winter months and an ambient effect for all times of the year.

Making decisions about outdoor lighting installation can be difficult and confusing, especially when it comes to determining whether the right type of fitting will provide the amount of light you require. Outdoor lighting fixtures can brighten and beautify your home while also adding value to it in the long run.

Helping with Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting options were scarce in the gloomy and deep past. To light up your living room, you’d usually screw a bulb into an overhead fixture or use a table lamp.

You have a wide range of options today. There are also various installations to choose from if you want to add some ambiance to your home. DQ has a team of experienced electricians on hand to assist you in installing your preferred indoor lighting option.

Our electrical staff will promptly and reliably install your preferred lighting fixtures in your home or business.

Our team is ready to assist you whether you want to customise your lighting or increase the energy efficiency in your home.

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