A solar system without Clipsal Pulse is like a car without a steering wheel.

What is Clipsal Pulse?

Anyone with a quality solar system seeks to maximise one’s electricity bill savings. This is where the Clipsal Pulse App can help.

It’s a subscription based app, which will save you more money than the subscription fee, so you are ahead from day 1.

The Pulse, when installed will communicate the electricity consumption data in your home to your phone or tablet.

This app and the associated hardware also monitors your solar production and battery storage information at the same time.

How Does Clipsal Pulse Help You Save Money

By having all this energy information at your fingertip you and your family will clearly see and understand when your solar system is making lots of renewable energy, when you are using the most electricity, which appliances are the key contributor and how much it is costing you.

This information will then allow you to make small changes in behaviour and maximise your savings.

For example your pool pump or air conditioning should be programmed to operate in the middle of the day, when you have excess solar production. Turn the washing machine on via timer to run at 11am, when there is not much electricity consumption in the home.

So instead of exporting solar electricity at a low FIT rate, you can make sure you use it in the home and reduce your electricity bill even further.

Thanks to the Pulse App you are in charge of your future solar destination.

See your savings at glance

Clipsal Solar’s Pulse measures the electricity consumed by your major energy appliances via real-time sensors.

A special algorithms then break down your electricity use to offer insights and suggestions that help you use your solar more efficiently. It’s like a guiding hand in using your solar production more smartly.

Taking past customer experiences into account, additional to your normal solar savings, average customer savings of a further $300 have been achieved because of the Clipsal Pulse and customer behaviour changes.

As an additional benefit as part of your Pulse subscription, when you receive your fist electricity bill post solar install, we’ll provide you with a Energy Retailer Plan Check, to make sure you are getting the best local energy plan available.

If we find that your existing energy plan is a dud, we will even recommend the best locally available ones, so you can gain even more savings.

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What makes Clipsal Pulse the No 1 monitor App

Many solar and electricity apps will show power usage & solar export estimates, but often not in real-time. Some apps are even dependent on you staying with the one electricity supplier, when there could be energy plans out there which are much more competitive.

Clipsal Pulse is able to provide Adelaide homeowners with real-time accurate power usage, precise dollar savings estimates as well as constant monitoring of your solar system’s output checking for inverter faults, panel performance and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

Pulse can be used with any electricity provider and is able to show you the best offers and prices from local electricity providers via an easy to use bill download process.

Our video on the right shows you how you can now instantly upload your electricity bills into Pulse and our intelligent software will compare the supply fees, electricity rates and feed in tariff payments for exported electricity (FIT) and give you recommendations on how to save.

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Clipsal Pulse Analytics

You’ll have peace of mind knowing DQ Electrical and Solar is a Clipsal Pulse Installer for Adelaide and surrounding areas.

Below are some key FAQs about the Clipsal Pulse.

Pulse can be integrated into any existing solar power system. Ideally it is installed with a new solar power system so that you can maximise your savings right at the beginning of your solar journey.

Absolutely, we can assist with getting both installed in your home, and if interested, you can even look at a solar storage battery and EV charger as a complete smart home bundle.

Pulse is available for both platforms, so you can rest assured it will work with your android or IOS phone.

Pulse is constantly monitoring and performing system health checks on your solar equipment to make sure everything is running as expected. Should we detect that your system is generating less than what our algorithm predicts then we will send information to you to alert you of any issue.

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