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Join us at the Yorke Peninsula Field Days

Reading Time: < 1 minute The much awaited Yorke Peninsula Field Days in Paskeville is just around the corner, taking place from 26th to 28th September. As one of the oldest and largest field days in Australia, this event showcases the latest in agricultural machinery, equipment, and services – and this year, DQ Electrical is proud to be part of […]

Solar Rebate in Adelaide

DQ Electrical Well Trained Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you planning to install a solar system at your home in Adelaide? If yes, then you can take advantage of many rebate! In this piece of information, we have listed multiple solar rebate in Adelaide, South Australia. So, let’s get started. Solar Rebate in Adelaide 1. Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme Under this scheme, […]

Why you need a pre-purchase Electrical Inspection

House with For Sale Sign

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you are in the fortunate situation to purchase a house in South Australia and Adelaide specifically, it is surprising that people are spending nowadays over a million dollars and do not think about getting the wiring or switchboard checked before they decide to make the purchase. Sometimes a Building Inspector might mention an older switchboard in their report, […]

Switchboard Services in Adelaide

Electrical Switchboard

Reading Time: 7 minutes DQ Electrical can help you with Switchboard upgrades Here at DQ Electrical & Solar we have been working on and upgrading switchboards since 2009 and if you have any switchboard work, give us a call.  Your home or business switchboard is often referred to as the “central hub” of electricity. Your board’s purpose is to […]

Surge Protection in Adelaide


Reading Time: 5 minutes Single power surges, while not common, do occur from time to time. In this instance, electricity from the grid surges and enters your house. This then can cause damage to your electrical equipment and can endanger your family’s safety.

Why Finance a Solar and Battery Combo?

Why use cash to buy solar – when you can have low-interest finance?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Why use cash to buy solar – when you can have low-interest finance? When researching solar finance, you will find a number of suitable options. Households are increasingly turning to finance to purchase high-quality solar products. Financing your solar power installation allows you to buy your system without having to pay the associated costs upfront. […]

“Taxing Solar Exports Just Nonsense”, say Experts

Solar Tax

Reading Time: 5 minutes Is the Export Solar Threat a Political Game Play? Many home owners and small businesses were originally encouraged by the Australian Government to source energy from the sun through solar power. But they will now be potentially hit with a new charge for producing clean energy. Many industry experts say the proposal is fear mongering […]

DQ Solar Ready for EV Car Charging in Adelaide

DQ Solar ready for EV car charging in Adelaide

Reading Time: 6 minutes Are you ready to transition your car into an Electric and Eco-friendly future? DQ can help you to transition. DQ Solar and Electrical has seen interest in the installation EV charging stations increase exponentially over the past months. “We have seen enquiries triple compared to 12 months ago and started to install these modern EV […]

Why Solar Energy is a Must for your Business

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Managing sustainability in your business can also save money Should the use of clean energy options such as solar be a business priority, when Covid -19 has thrown up so many other challenges? Should the purchase of a solar system be delayed or pursued right now? Transitioning to solar power in your business be at […]

Essential Reasons to get your Solar Panels Professionally Cleaned

solar panels cleaning

Reading Time: 2 minutes In most of the cases, the performance of solar plants might get compromised depending how dirty it is. Dirty parts of the panel also get hotter faster than other parts, which creates hotspots. These hotspots can increase the rate at which solar panels deteriorate. Ideally, for the solar panels to function optimally, you have to […]